ABN Amro Bank NV plans to cut about 2,800 jobs over four years as the Dutch lender retreats from large parts of its investment bank and digitization allows it to operate with a smaller staff. If there’s a demand for sustainability, the supply will become sustainable. The idea behind the event, entitled ‘Beyond Sustainability Labels’, stemmed from the numerous rating agencies that issue sustainability labels for investment funds. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions enjoys strong, recognised skills and expertise, through flagship products. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions operates as an investment advisory firm. However, in the event of any issue or disagreement concerning an investment service provided by ABN AMRO Investment Solutions, there are three successive levels of complaint. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has developed a portfolio management offering, combining multi-management and delegated portfolio management so as to round out its range. The development of the proposed range is based not only on the skills of ABN AMRO Investment Solutions' experts but also on delegated portfolio management. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions is the multi-management center of expertise of ABN AMRO Bank. Dutch lender ABN Amro plans to cut 2,800 jobs over the next four years, as it trims down its investment bank and rolls back international locations. For more information about ABN AMRO ETF and previous investments, visit the ABN AMRO … It serves the entire ABN AMRO international clients as well as external clients. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has developed a wide range of open-ended funds covering all asset classes, sectors and geographical areas, through delegated management. More information. ABN Amro wants to save €700 million by 2024 The bank says it is aiming to cut costs by €700 million within four years. What does ABN AMRO believe is the key to success for sustainable investment? ABN AMRO does not allow investments in producers of tobacco, but companies that ship cigarettes, or supermarkets that sell tobacco products are not excluded. ‘More and more investors are aware of sustainability issues and make well-considered investment decisions. Our key figures can be found here. ABN Amro Bank NV will cut its investment bank by about a third and shut down lending outside of Europe as the Dutch bank tries to turn around business hit … ABN AMRO Investment Solutions strives to provide the highest possible standards of service. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions is the asset management company of the ABN AMRO Bank. ABN AMRO ETF provides equity to companies featuring in the energy transition and that are ready for the next phase in their growth, typically investing between EUR 10 million and EUR 25 million. For example, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions hosted a session at the annual ‘PRI in Person’ conference, which this year was held in Paris.