The striped cucumber beetle is a small beetle approximately half a centimeter (1/5 inch) in length, and characterized by brown-yellow elytra completely covering the abdomen and longitudinally transversed by three thick black stripes. I am trying to figure out what it is. Description. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon ... Leg Avenue Adult Beetle Boss and Babe Halloween Costume. In addition to potato, Colorado potato beetle can be a serious pest of tomato, eggplant, and pepper. Both the adult, or beetle, and the black-spotted, red larva feed on potato leaves. 94 $44.99 $44.99. I live in Caldwell, Idaho and I found one of these bugs in my daughters swimming tub. This bird is often a favorite warbler for beginning birders, because it is easy to see and easy to recognize. I think I saw the same beetle you were talking about, with black and white stripes. Like a nuthatch or creeper (and unlike other warblers), it climbs about on the trunks and major limbs of trees, seeking insects in the bark crevices. From shop AyeAyeboutique. 10% off. Part of the Insect Identification network of sites that includes , , and . Identifying the Beetle: The Asian Longhorn Beetle looks a lot like this one, in that they are zebra striped. The ten-lined June beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata), also known as the watermelon beetle, is a scarab beetle found in the western United States and Canada. Rosalia funebris. Any beetle images and site inquiries can be submitted to beetleidentification at They are shiny black beetles with white stripes/spots on their bodies and on their antennae too. 3.7 out of 5 stars 80. BEETLE SET - Beetlejuice Dog Collar and Leash Set - Matching Collar, Leash, and Bow tie - Black and White Stripe Collar and Leash Set ... black white striped striped beetlejuice Betelgeuse head scarf hair wrap pin up style hair accessory headscarf AyeAyeboutique. login or register to post ... 2008 - 7:07pm. The Ten Lined June Beetle, Polyphylla decemlineata ( Say) is very common throughout the PNW Region as a root feeding white grub which feeds on roots of crops, garden, and ornamental plants.The beetles emerge in the summer, usually in late June through July in SE Washington. Mine also had long "horns" as well. The antennae are longer than most other beetles' antennae, and … 4.2 out of 5 stars 41. It was once known as the "Black-and-white Creeper," a name that describes its behavior quite well. Shop now! It fell on my daughter while we were outside. $40.94 $ 40. It superficially resembles the western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera), another serious crop pest.. Figure 3. Colorado potato beetle has alternating black and white stripes on its wing covers. Moxeay Halloween Beetlejuice Costume Black and White Striped Blazer Jacket Beetlejuice Jacket. June Beetles (May beetles, July Beetles) are found in the Subfamily Melolonthinae of the Scarab family. 99 $39.99 $39.99. Bugs belong outside—but they somehow always make their way into a crack or crevice you weren’t expecting. Shop for black and white striped bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond. We are from Wichita, KS $35.99 $ 35. It was the biggest beetle I've seen. Their damage can greatly reduce yield and even kill plants. Buy top selling products like Sweet Jojo Designs Paris Fitted Crib Sheet in Black and White Stripe and Nest and Nod by Levtex Baby® 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set in Black/White.