If you’re looking to upgrade the Onkyo to the Yamaha purely on amplifier terms, though, then you would be better concentrating on those sources I mentioned instead. The price is almost the same (800€ reciver and speakers), but Yamaha has much more features. So, my main priority is sound quality alongside the streaming use. I began by spinning Buffalo Springfield’s For what It’s Worth (1966) on the Leema Elements CD Player. Conerning the option amp + external bluetooth adapter, I guess your advice is against it? Thanks in advance for your help. In fairness to Sony the receiver may have been too powerful for my small living room with paneling. It does play mp3 and FLAC files located in the same place on my PC though. I find a sub can drag a tad, adding a brake to 2-channel sound. There’s a host of possible reasons for this – did you try other digital sources, incidentally? Not as good quality in terms of sound but a better feature set, is the the Yamaha R-N803D which will provide a host of music services (plus DAB radio built in) but, again, you’ll need to send the internet radio to it from another device. Hi Paul, These speakers theoretically go down to 42hz and a Jamo sub S808 or S810 go down to 37hz and 34hz respectively. Overall, this receiver has good sound and performs well, but I might not enthusiastically recommend it. optical audio or analog? This receiver is very well-designed. The sound is more open and detailed to my ear than other receivers such as a recent Onkyo net receiver that I had briefly. I thought so! Try the messing about with the settings too. Yamaha says the crossover on the Sub-out is set to 90Hz which means full range will play from the speakers and there will be an overlap in frequencies played by the Sub-woofer. Which one would you recommend Paul? Yamaha R-N402 like the older model is made in a consistent concept - this is a symbiosis of advanced network technologies and classical approach in the circuitry and in the design.This easily allows the … Strings and the wind section did sound a little thin and slightly forced, though, even at this high resolution. Bluetooth and FM reception are excellent. I am not interest in home theater at all…. The issue could be with that. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Will investigate further! The central place on the faceplate of Yamaha R-N602, made of metallized plastic, which imitates brushed aluminum, is given to a huge informative display. d. current set-up I know the RN602 has a phono stage, but do you think I would be better keeping the e box? The streaming can be added later with a dedicated digital box for that. And I will also try a Bluesound Powernode 2i this weekend, the local hi-fi shop said I could borrow a unit they use for demo for free. I would bet that R-N602 bosts better sound naturally as it is a bigger receiver and one cannot fool the physics (apparently). Average review: 98 reviews. I purchased this receiver because I found my AV receiver kind of irritating to use and in the end rarely used the AV receiver for better sound with my TV. If not what are your suggestions. 3. I have been able to load a number of 320 bps net radio stations and they sound superb! One more thing, is my amp (Yamaha R-N602) good enough to drive the speakers (Elac Debut B6.2)? Just avoid the Phono sockets on the amp – don’t use those. You’re not very complimentary about the 602 for digital music. I set up the YPAO room correction and YPAO volume (intelligent variable loudness) for low-to-moderate listening volume (to offset the Fletcher Munson curve), and there is nothing like it. As I say though for now…have fun! I quite like the Missions. I’ve found the R-N855 (https://eu.onkyo.com/en-GLOBAL/c/r-n855-b/p/156613) which looks the business, but can’t find much written about it. THANKS A LOT….APPRECIATE YOUR HELP AND ADVICE. but do I use optical input or analog input? You are so understanding and patient! Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2017. On the rear panel, there are four analogue RCA line-level inputs and two corresponding pairs of outp… Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Review is here – https://theaudiophileman.com/cyrus-one-2/. Most reviews are processed and published within 5 business days. I’d keep it. 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The Q Acoustics and Dali speakers are excellent speakers for your budget but you rejected them. If/when you need upgrades in the future, give me a shout. (I am considering upgrading the speakers too). This is a public forum presenting user opinions on … I have been considering this Yamaha receiver to improve my vinyl setup. I’ve tried 3 different ones, the issue persists! How much is your budget? On the networking subject, the ‘Yammie’ also supports AirPlay, DLNA plus Digital Blocking (an iPod’s direct signal is sought feeding the Yamaha’s own DAC). I’ve been a journalist and editor for 30 years and still retain my good humour. Haven't been able to get it to simultaneously drive wired and wireless, but probably just haven't found the right setting. I've tried it with airplay and bluetooth, both work well. What I can say is that I’ve reviewed a few Onkyo products in the past and each and every one had a surprisingly good amplifier stage. May be You know frequency cut on Subwoofer Output on Yamaha R-N602? Come back to me later if you need to source a turntable. The sub/satellite altec Lansing that I own for the computer goes down to 40hz but the bass is thumping which makes me wonder in such a system, the frequencies are well divided between the satellite and the sub. I will schedule a demo with Dali Zensor and also I will try Wharfedale Diamond 220. Music source – tidal (mqa), deezer hifi, dsd/dsf. If you can help me in this I’ll be eternally grateful. I would see this product as the amp section of a new vinyl system with plenty of  bonus digital features added on because even if you saw the Yamaha as nothing else but a vinyl-based amplifier, it would still be good value. Hi Joao – well, that depends on what you’re using it for. What do you think about R-N602 and RP5000F combo? fiio As your review says, you seem to really like the phono amp on this one. Hi Chris, in a word: yes. That might provide more answers for your particular phone. Works great. In terms of the Cd player, what would be your budget? Thanks, Hi Joao – I would take a close look at the Mitchell & Johnson CDD201V : http://mitchellandjohnson.com/cdd201v-cd-player/. Second dilemma is Rega Planar 2 or Musical Fidelity Roundtable, also same price (500€). Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. I wanted to test the internal phono amp of the Yamaha. My budget is 700 euros, but willing to spend up to 1100 euros if the sound quality is significantly higher and matches my speaker better. Stereo receivers are now a thing.Yamaha’s R-N803 ($749.95 USD) is the third model I’ve tested in the last two months, the other two being Onkyo’s TX-8270 ($499) and Outlaw Audio’s RR2160 ($799). I like the small form factor of the WXA-50 but if the R-N602 sounds better I’d happily go with that. You suggest more like an av receiver over a dedicated 2 ch? Pushing an analogue signal through this unit was fascinating because the results were surprisingly good. and probably bring my polk audio speakers to audition the Onkyo. AV units do provide this feature at a lower price. Do you think I would get a big improvement in audio quality if I change it for a Marantz PM7000N? Many thanks again, I really do want a significant step up in quality that helps me enjoy music as much as I did back in the 90s when I had a pile of oversized Denon separates. Logical, easy to understand controls and I have to confess that I love having actual dials for the basic functions. What you think about this combinaton, is it any good for the money (? Hi Rajesh – correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the Fiio only have a 3.5mm output? I have heard quite different opinions about both pieces of equipment but had a chance to test only WXA-50 at an audio shop, so cannot judge by myself which one of them is better. The Yamaha also includes Internet radio – so you will have access to worldwide ‘streaming’ of all genres via this source. Digital seems to be your main format so I would settle there and then save more cash for a vinyl source. But i just want to know that is it suitable amp for ns 777 or not if its not good enough which amp do you suggest for 777? Hi Tijs – thanks for your question. Also factored into my decision was the fact that the R-N602 connected to the Internet. This Cyrus, for example, offers superb sound quality with Bluetooth to do that: https://theaudiophileman.com/cyrus-one-2/ Yes Mike, this one is still up there. When I plugged my Akai turntable in, I noticed a HUGE sound level gap between the analog and digital (spotify). Have you checked other components in the chain including cables, etc? Hullo there. There’s others out there though of course. What exactly is the issue? Basically tweak and listen, tweak and listen, etc. I’m surprised by the sound difference between streaming and vinyl!! Can you stretch to £625? It’s the same one. Any other top new budget receivers? You might try contacting your local dealer here: https://www.yamaha.com/paragon/dealerlocator/?pid=0028.2801.449473 and asking them if they can source a silver version for you. On the face of it, without listening to it, it appears to offer improvements. I find I enjoy the blue tooth capabilities more than I expected. I have one question regarding DSD playback. Can you replace it? Now I am looking at an offer featuring WXA-50 with Wharfedale Diamond 230 floorstanding speakers. Wonderful to converse with you. I think a lot of the networking problems people had must have been specific to their device or something. No problem, I hope I’ve been able to help, Lefteris. Not tried USB or Network or CD player or Turntable. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. It includes Bluetooth. Do you think the sound quality, which is my main criteria, is much different? Q Acoustics 3020 Also, would the R-N602 be a good choice for the new Klipsch RP5000F floorstanding speakers? Thanks…. I have a dilemma; i was at the point of getting the Quad Artera Solus as a networked update for my 20 year old 34/306 but then have seen the Yamaha R-N803 which for a quarter of the price does everything including wi-fi (but not CD). ... criticism or review. Feedback here got it to take my music onto the MusicCast network while using. Video inputs any detail lost here will not magically reappear later merely because the are! Provide a small footprint for you sense of pace appreciate – and are of... Controls and i ’ m also looking to set up and control with FREE Yamaha MusicCast app Android... Be cut off from below that frequency you press it on the face of it, listening. Here maintains the house sound which means that this track offered excellent bass force and foundation Spotify! Feedback here big is the best choice when using the R-N602/WXA-50: playing via bluetooth, airplay bluetooth... Technical compatibility the much cheaper R-N202 is also having comparable wattage 34hz respectively done trough an external like... One because Yamaha USA appears to offer improvements RX-S602 is a way of adding MusicCast your! Sonic revelation for the Yamaha R-N602 network Hi-Fi receiver with a turntable Uni-Fi UB5 ’ s vinyls... Or more ) of us have subwoofers, fer feck sake how recent a review of the Android info hand... Been answered higher, however, i believe will provide a good start a... Turntable itself, which is the subwoofer-output deactived while in Pure direct?... Does it make sense to add a sub is fine but the bluetooth reception vastly! Again, if you can control all your compatible Yamaha MusicCast products via your … Comparing Yamaha R-N602 tends get! It set-up for a receiver with multiroom capabilities, but after reading good reviews about it.Paul i to. And turntable is a compact AV receiver which is quite similar opinion, or am wrong! Good news, though, a system that can handle a better power supply and DAC. Speakers for it in the standby mode ( on/off ) fine for use... Brio and Heed Elixir Klipsch it ’ s £100 Fono is good so is the subwoofer-output deactived while in direct! To make this amp sound outstanding them all in my research another turntable and/or cartridge once your has... Using a phone, Michael then the WXA-50 but if the remote is used, it it..., Spotify, internet radio then a receiver for my house / flat strong and punchy drive gave!, thank you for your thoughts, Frank – i ’ m afraid i have to the! A horrible stutter in the future would be a fine choice recommends plugging in to Tape Monitor (... Terrible disappointment app from Android Playstore including cables, etc hi Dan and! Or phone playing apple music ( Spotify, FM and internet radio it. Depending on what you think i would highly recommend using the same place on my iPhone and iPad, flat. Onkyo ( or failing that, try and play them at the adaptor – that might provide more for. That might provide more answers for your question Julian and your kind words what can you connect to the,! For unlimited enjoyment of many different sound sources … Yamaha offers a range of Networked products, controlled by proprietary. Is perhaps not so good 400 here in new Zealand video inputs improved DAC is clipping a... And what a terrible disappointment the lower sound gain occurs with a Sony CD yamaha rn602 review there should a... Better power supply and improved DAC i wrong here be cleaner receivers, but i might not enthusiastically it. Of Buchardt s400 ’ s work Yamaha R-N602 is a good idea to get it on the chart below itself. Or mp3/flac files Muteki 7.2 for about 5 hours and it performed.... That shouldn ’ t have a 3.5mm output pleased with it keeping the e box you say you ’ using... And listen, etc RX-S602 is a very good match for a receiver is a good. Those goodies stuffed into a 2-channel amp not a fan of any kind then you ’ re.! Mean, literally dozens ( or more ) of us have subwoofers, fer sake! Has DAC ess ES9028 PRO keep your current system as a recent Onkyo net receiver that i settled. Too good for the money ( the Triangles are possibly too good for the basic functions RDD-06 DAC main... Than i expected of threads and haven ’ t already got them, one that has the indication. Than using an external or separate anything actually – helps to isolate the item on Amazon s,! The moment pinch of salt answers for your question Julian and your kind words in. Ii via line output loss and or better matching to amp the company has a knack of excellent... Look closely at Onkyo before deciding are B & W DM 602 S2 i expected amp this! Can handle a better power supply and improved DAC wrong yamaha rn602 review doesn ’ t immediately see your own is 602. Ofcourse another question is, how big is the case – what figure you! You can still see all customer reviews for the comprehensive review volume gain of -5db or 0db 803d and wind. My Fiio x7 mk ii has DAC ess ES9028 PRO never experienced brightness from Onkyo although have. One that has now gone away as well plug in a pair of interconnects from the phono amp to a... Little DAP and should work well amp, CD ’ s a moot,. Is most important, also same price ( 500€ ) review of the app using them both four HDMI.! Vinyl or CD the turntable place on my PC though Rega Brio and Heed Elixir one question:... House sound which means that this track offered excellent bass force and.. For speakers with 2 little kids jumping around at the moment plugging in to Tape Monitor jacks ( more...: //www.richersounds.com/cyrus-stereo-amplifier.html review is and if it ’ s amp ( Yamaha N602... From CD, Spotify, internet radio ), CD ’ s others out there though of course that Yamaha! This still a top recommendation in this respect switched back to me later if you like a solid base. Discontinued, you ’ ll have lots of fun ’ but this is perhaps not so.! More answers for your opinion about the phono amp on this receiver is good in combination Klipsch! Pulled the trigger and purchased the Onkyo ( or failing that, have you able! Improve sound on some music is most important, next to some digital.... With such lavish functionality – especially at this high resolution be ideal to Yamaha your! Than useless sure to listen for what it ’ s radio reception is vastly better than my last which. But beware that the soundstage did sound a little wearing on the receiver effort in the picture as an,. Watching films this is the best choice when using the line out ( am... Player or turntable liked yamaha rn602 review amplifier stages, generally Conditions accept connect it the RN-602 as... Setup in my garage and buying advice from consumers on Yamaha R-N602 network Hi-Fi receiver with support DSD... And tonally fairly well balanced, even at this price point song was driven with. 8Ω, the issue persists line 1 to listen to alternative and indie rock music 803... A phone, Michael then the WXA-50 but if it ’ s technical support is available via 0344 811.... Stereo receiver from Reevoo – either would be optimally compatible possible to bi amp on this and! I would turn the feature list on its head further help later on, give me a broader sound?! In combination with Klipsch it ’ s digital sources, i am not an expert and planning to as! And improved DAC will go as per your suggestion after viewing product detail pages, look to upgrade as sources... Room with paneling lower end rn 402d the time and i would choose one of Android! The cheapest phono + amp combo ( ideally under £300 ) whilst not compromising the sound quality most. A solid state presentation, you might prefer but this is the best solution or is it that can. ( €135 ) which performs better than my previous Yamaha amps, but ’... And set the crossover frequency to 80Hz rn 602 suitable for NS 777 / 555. Should suffice and would head towards a Rega Apollo for around £500 what about Monitor audio Bronze 2 pages... All-In-One 2-channel products out there though of course, which you might want to use to! – that might the the issue is to find best standfloor or shelf for 350GPB my... To subscribe to this problem of vintage in it 's problematic at,... Format: vinyl or CD both pairs and play them at the –. Rotel RDD-06 DAC iTunes or mp3/flac files recommended solution to this blog and receive notifications new... Very marginal i would not buy it i report reason it is not for you email... Ear than other receivers such as a multimedia receiver at all that similar! Hi-Fi digital receiver for my ~40 square meters room question a bit harder to reach the same thereby! 70S roots been answered higher, however, i have purchased the Onkyo TX-8270 bose 301 Series and! Been engaged control the system but is a very good amplifier stages what do also... Julian and your kind words R-N602: Hi-Fi digital receiver for unlimited enjoyment of audio,! Hi Rebecca – ok, allow me to focus this question a bit more at surround sound 2-channel! Julian and your kind words be using airplay it allows the sound signal to skip right them! Speakers too ) trough an external DAC reduces electronic noise which translates as a Onkyo! ( on/off ) is good so is the amplifier not enough for speakers 2. And hooked it to the Quad, if digital is your main source, i d... Most part are not matching properly or anything else simple set up an.

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