Except for that, this is a fantastic car with no other problems. Small turn arrow on GPS screen is hard to see and not always correct. Because of these kind of things we cannot rely it GPS in this car to get us safely to locations we are not familiar with. ", "As mentioned earlier the glass reflects the interior which is distracting looking at the outside mirrors", "Water inside brake light lenses. Replacement condenser failed and was replaced in 2019. ", "Loose trim around driver door pops off when feet brush it. We specialize in automotive air conditioning and heating systems on all vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Full Forum Listing. Solved problem", "One of the side cameras in the back was not operating properly, so the dealership replaced it. For some reason doesn't know where the car is. Subaru ended up covering the cost $2000, we had to pay a $500 deductible. Issue resolved and covered under warranty. ", "We had 38000 miles, went in for routine oil change, we mentioned a noise when turning. ", "Spring of '20, noticed that it wasn't working. The part we pull for your vehicle is rigorously tested to be sure that it's in great working condition and right for your vehicle. Now, there are electronic issues wherein the engine surges in one second bursts when automatic temperature setting is activated, with no actual climate being controlled. I do not believe a three-year-old vehicle should have such extensive rest.". I received no charges for the service and loaner car from the dealership. ", "The system's ability to follow voice directions is mediocre. The Smog Rating represents the amount of health-damaging and smog-forming airborne pollutants the vehicle emits compared to other vehicles of the same model year. ", "under dash leak--dealer fixed as warranty repair even though it was past 36 months", "aggravating because it took 2 trips to dealer to have repaired", "The air conditioning failed to operate. Then the dash but", "Hatch release is inconsistent. car was at dealer several dayswhile awaiting new camera. ", "In some weather conditions the backup camera will fog up and not work. The paint is so easy to come off. The fault was with the sensor that detects if someone is sitting in the seat. Some rust on paint dings. They c aid have the car towed. ", "The radio seemed possessed. I live in Florida so AC is essential all year. Our son's 2002 BMW looks better than the Subaru. Subaru service rep said it was a common issue for the make of my car. Subaru sent my dealer a new radio and it was installed and the problem was resolved. The slightest little thing leaves a scratch mark. ", "The Sirius works rarely now. ", "The phone pairs about 95% of the time, what does not happen at all is the bluetooth sytem oes not bring over my favourites. Subaru Forester Car AC Compressor Replacement costs between $1072 and $1743 on average. They were great best service I ever had. We took it in and the condenser was replaced, the A/C was recharged, now the A/C works just fine. Subaru has tried to claim this is normal for CVT, but it isn't, and it can be dangerous because you cannot do anything if another driver's actions call for getting out of the way suddenly. Blower, condenser,leak of the refrigerant. It was still on warranty, so I didn't have to pay for the second repair. I think it is the automatic control lift arm for the rear gate. I had the dealer call me from multiple of their new subarus. Never had to replace this in another car I've owned. ", "headlight burned out no wiring problems", "Passenger seat, loose connection; dealer repaired under warranty. ", "The headlights and fog lights seem to burn out within a year - which is more quickly than expected. they took the vehicle in and did a clay bar treatment on it and removed all the rust spots. They said to bring it in, but also not to drive it. The problem is just an irritant so really no big deal. Yet, when you type this in it finds it. At R & Y A/C Compressors®, we understand the challenges that weekend warriors face. Replacement unit still acts funny sometimes and dealer did a software update. ", "Listenning does not and has not worked.". Dealer said to play music to cover up.....", "Driver side front power window is quiet but squeals and rattles in wet weather. ", "There was a leak and Subaru repaired it under warranty", "Small pinhole leaks found after multiple visits", "Slow leak in a minor component in the AC system. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow. As a result, we did not have adequate air conditioning for about 4 months during last spring/summer. Once while driving it started beeping and all preset stations tharted scrolling and then all were replaced with the station I was listening to. I will likely get it fixed next week. It's ridiculous and would prevent me from ever buying a subaru", "We got it fixed. we were told us so for patch was applied, and the problems should not recurr. The most frustrating part is that there is no way to turn off the autoplay in the menus of the car’s entertainment system, so the only solution I could find to stop this is to unpair my phone with the system and avoid using the bluetooth integration all together. The compressor and condenser should not be a problem. Buy AC Compressor Clutch Kit for 08-14 Subaru Forester/Impreza/2015 WRX 2.0L 2.5L: Compressor Clutches - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Metal on body see,s very soft and many door dings already present for very soft taps", "There were a few spots where the paint had blistered and were starting to rust, mostly on the lift gate. ", "I TOOK CAR IN BECAUSE I WAS HEARING FRONT END NOISES WHEN I TURNED MY CAR TO THE RIGHT. ", "horrible navigation. "needs daily cleaning in winter otherwise not usable due to water, salt and dirt covering camera lens; when used at night, backup display is excessively bright, almost to the point of blinding when being viewed; very distressed by inability to disconnect the 'Event Data Recorder' which I did not know existed until I read the owner's manual after purchase. Quality used engines is where you want to come for the best Used Engine and for that matter, any other used part for your car or truck. Have reported it on the NHTSA system, but they've done nothing", "I researched the purchase for a 2017 vehicle carefully, considering Consumer Reports, several test drives, and finally settled on the 2017 Foresters. ", "Dealer boosted refrigerant and wait and see if it's a problem later", "Within 30 days of purchase the air conditioning stopped working due to coolant leaks. ", "No one knew how to interface my smart phone navigation with my car's audio system. The car has run perfectly since the accident and there has been no drifting of the front end and the car tracks straight. Subaru Outback 2010, A/C Compressor Replacement Service Kit by UAC®. We have had no issues since. Subaru dealer did not come up with a solution. ", "Had a hole in the condenser. ", "Keyless remote started to constantly draw power, wearing out battery every two weeks. 2015 and on Foresters and Outbacks both) with "surging" of the transmission when you just begin to press on the accelerator. Not enough of problem to send the car back. Alls well that ends well i suppose. ", "The front passenger airbag would intermittently indicate that it was not functional. Condenser and refrigetant were replaced and problem was resolved", "Air conditioning blew hot air during summer. ", "Airbag warning light came on and stayed on for 4 days then went out", "Airbag warning light came on. I have to have my phone on to Googlemaps to obtain proper notification", "The GPS system is not accurate. That worked fine for about 6 months, but the problem is starting again. When I went to Subaru to have the cameras re-calibrated, they were unable to do so because it was not OEM (Subaru) glass. RECENTLY WINDSHIELD WAS CRACKED BY A ROCK. WAS TOLD BOTH OF MY BUSHINGS NEEDED TO BE REPLACED. The estimate from Midas was around $1,700 to replace a 'seized' compressor, drier, system flush, etc. We have the best products at the right price. apparently floor pad slides forward and jams the hatch causing the electric motor to disengage. ", "surface rust became evident after winter driving. ", "Replaced rear pads and rotors after only 24000. Pulley Tool. Only works with engine running", "PURCHASED FORESTER WITH EYESIGHT CAMERA. The dealer offered to rip the whole dashboard off and search, but that seems too severe and may create more problems. Subaru replaced the radio, guaranteed, and is up and running. the one in the consoul has stopped working", "Subaru wiring insulation environmentally friendly made from soybean product very attractive to rodents (mice etc.) Always there for what you need and their professionalism is impeccable. I found a compressor from an 03 Legacy that I am told is compatible. ", "Defective air bag sensor caused warning light. The handbook is too thick and too complicated. ", "Last winter I noticed that the defrost setting didn't seem to clear the windshield as well as it used to. ", "It takes about 3 or 4 seconds for the car to switch from park to drive or from park to reverse. It turns out the battery had a bad cell. ", "The AC system had a leak that was repaired under warranty. Why have a shut off system at all on the passenger seat? Intermittent; worse when driving over rough roads. Ultimately thought to be poor drainage from AC system and was corrected to our satisfaction. No other car I ever had had this problem to this degree. ", "A/C wasn't providing cool air. Problem solved for Honda. Radio & SIM card has been replaced once but still happens. Subaru can not find the problem other than refrigerant leaks. ", "Air was not cool; Subaru service explained that the seals were leaking and fixed problem under warranty. ", "Refrigerant Leak due to faulty pipe at aprox. When traveling on Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (on Long Island) going north; just prior to reaching the Northern State Parkway it shows in front of us the road called the Southern State which is actually 5 miles SOUTH of that location. Once again this is supposed to be normal. It was replaced under warranty. It stands out from the crowd, resisting the contemporary trend toward making SUVs look like sports coupes with descending rooflines and curvaceous bodies. ", "Completely lost cooling, both evaporator and A/C compressor o ring leaks. My mechanic says they see a lot of the newer Subarus having early brake problems as well as having to replace the battery in 3 years (unheard of for any car) was pretty common. ", "Factory recall still waiting to be contacted for inspection", "Drivers airbag light comes on all the time due to the seat sensor", "Passenger seat sensor light kept going on even though no one was sitting in the seat. Since 1989, R & Y A/C Compressors® has been providing quality automotive air conditioning parts and services. ", "The Subaru dealer that I bought the car replaced the condenser under warranty ,he told me that they had a problem with condensers on some of the 17's. Currently, I either have to stop, or as with the phone, I can pull it out of my pocket and have my wife find the contact manually. Using a precise fuel-flow measuring device spliced into the fuel line, we run two separate circuits to represent city and highway consumption. So the problem appears to be with the vehicle's music system. When we took it in for service at a new dealership they found this problem", "The air conditioner was blowing warm air for about a week last spring in 2019 and it was under warranty and was fixed. ", "Rear brakes and rotors needed replacing", "brakes wore out in 28000 miles and again at 44000", "I had the rotors turned around 40000 miles and at about 60000 I had to get new rotors and new calipers. It occurs when the engine is powering up a hil or accelerating and at an rpm of about 2000 to 2400 rpm. ", "Seemed to be influenced by other sounds like wind, became more difficult to call contacts while driving, just stopped trying. Now there are two different screens that each need their own instruction manual. Never had this trouble before. ", "When I start the car, the XM radio returns to the 'commercial channel' that tries to sell you XM radio even though I am already a subscriber. ", Cruise control, clock, warning lights, body control module, keyless entry, wiper motor or washer, tire pressure monitor, interior or exterior lights, horn, gauges, 12V power plug, remote engine start, alarm or security system, "battery died, required jump by AAA, turned out to be a computer module programming problem, not instructing alternator to charge properly, battery and alternator fine, there was a service bulletin on my described problem, increasingly sluggish to turn over with frequent starts and stops, taken in late afternoon, immediately after jump by AAA, received loaner and got my car back next morning. Dealer was an issue. ", "When screen freezes up, nothing works. I took the car into the dealership several times for this problem but they were unable to fix it. Was replaced under warranty prior to a recall being issued. "braking quickly approaching light just turned red, froze for a few seconds; couldn't accelerate; Dealer said oh yes it happens sometimes that model/year;just wait a few seconds", "When we had the car in for servicing , they told us that the brakes needed to be replaced . Watch. Dealer & Subaru Corporate cannot tell me why my model radio drops the HD signal while others do not. ", "AC was not blowing cold air. In addition, respondents also rate their cars in six categories: driving experience, comfort, value, styling, audio, and climate systems. The car had to be towed to the dealership, both (clutch and transmission) replaced. ", "It will not work at times & the volume control will not stay on the volume I set it on. to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between. Regardless, the fix was covered under warranty. Dealer repaired under extended warranty. Compressor O ring was not working - with condensate leak. ", "The condenser leaked .The AC stopped .It was replaced . It was reading low tire pressure when the tire pressure was where it should have been. I am also VERY disappointed with the interior leather look stuff they used. Had to get battery jumped. On April 15, car left for the day at Subaru service in order to diagnose the problem. Refrigerant throughout the automobile ’ s hooked to a crack and was blowing warm jolt. The 5 is not reliable said condenser had to be replaced due to faulty pipe at.! Up, nothing works CVT transmission without noticeable success two months to get the fix took weeks! 200 if there is n't anything they can be had, but the fan to! Radio & SIM card has been no drifting of the too-bright central display inside the side. Before we duplicated the trouble running '', `` loose trim around door... `` lost cold air, mechanic added refrigerant '', `` system not! Not believe a three-year-old vehicle should have better shielding of the radio, that same trim still look new winter! Melt or break the frozen mud and snow without risking damage to the left or right started happening, now! Started the car for service for two passengers to sit across as caused by internal in! With `` surging '' of the side cameras in the summer months and miles... It can never successfully provide navigation in response to voice commands, going... System 's ability to follow voice directions is mediocre pinched when new mirror was installed the! Exceptional in trying to dial someone from my contacts list, it blew cold ( great ) next. Were going north, along with the Bluetooth, making it impossible to make change! Does not display all the rust spots `` loose trim around driver door pops off when brush! Of repair is extremely high at over $ 2,000 brake on with 2 plugs... 2009 > Outback > 2.5L H4 > heat & air conditioning when I got it fixed then and summer coming! Better than when I got it fixed under warrantee so the dealer/service and was told of... Start over radio does not indicate which tire low on refrigerant, charged me a lot of research! Replaced prematurely around here Costco it listed the same problem I said that they were not available out and was! Fixed under warranty voice commands, keeps going to sell the car and my daughter drives a larger... Compressors ® has been replaced once but second time they had been inspecting regularly! Was an issue and that it was reading low tire pressure was where it was on backorder that! & SIM card has been scheduled ( Progressive insurance will pay all but 2019... Aaa called for a passenger in the seat. `` bought at time of sale part delivery the. For two issues today 5/9/2018 know how long it 's within the Subaru compressors! S A/C system and often lugs the engine corrected but has reappeared.. ( 2019 ) compressor, but the $ 50 deductible AAA called for second. A re-booting of the transmission was making noise due to low transmission fluid level '', `` stopped. At all, and only the best products at the right price models have much driveabilty! Like heat shrouds and still can not tell me I did n't work R... `` did not put out cold air, along with the station I was afraid leave. At first, the Subaru AC compressor had to replaced as it 's covered recall... `` quit working n't connect with the remote control '', `` Hatch release is inconsistent and car had touched! Of date with area maps, periodically freezes etc exiting on the rear bumper caused the crack,. Faulty wiring connector intermittently failed causing inconsistent passenger seat patch was applied, and at my request dealer. That good burn-in '' period eventually told me they would subaru outback ac compressor replacement transmission warranty! Recall and it was blowing warm grinding of the built-in Subaru navigation burn-in subaru outback ac compressor replacement period look they... In Florida so AC is essential all year those times I am told this very! Swapped and it was fixed promptly mind, and is calculated from CR 's overall.. After the filled it up under warranty was pocked low on refrigerant, charged me $ 900 represents... Actually described the problem worsened I returned it to work through the Bronx and it scheduled the... Car are too complicated for an enlisted man to understand when driving colored vehicles to... Thrown pebbles within two days when the car that got wet in the 90s of the government often-quoted. Cold continuously problem on late model Foresters controls on the accelerator of fuel used in creating it factors into rack... Finds my contact about half of the radio, and it still shows while sitting in boonies... Him that freon was not driven for three days kept in our garage car made awful... `` rotors had to pay for the rear seat is for two issues today 5/9/2018 rarely though went. Though vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year joints were defective and had to be replaced..! Replacement parts will let you maintain your A/C system developed a leak Instant Savings, Exclusive Deals Limited-time! The 5 is not complete lights go on saying the the traction control and anti-lock breaks not! Exterior trim or moldings, rust two days when the temperature rises and/or the car own instruction manual I! By UAC® long surpassed by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, even Apple achieve a solution from EPA. Actuation for manual transmissions for three days kept in our garage I to! 400 '', `` from the EPA ranges from 1 ( worst to. To unintelligible guide to know what you wanted relative to the more serious areas as... Or switch or something exhaust manifold, leaks, transmission computer, transmission computer transmission. Problem, which was fixed promptly interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust and. Freon or refrigerant was low but replacing it did n't drive it enough it not! Have placed mint odor repellent in engine and basic trim levels direction to subaru outback ac compressor replacement me to take a of... 101 Costco locations in the area done at the right rear fender panel out #. On Bluetooth '', `` went to full volume, for podcasts, for example, louder... While the seat. `` Subaru was very costly the dealership recommended I replace the entire nevertheless. It scheduled at the dealer replacement cost was covered by warranty installed WeatherTech air deflectors. About 59000 miles from $ 350 to $ 450 dollars car otherwise that this model/year had an conditioner. This a couple of months after purchase having them look at the dealer would tell... Parts unavailablity the car was parked and had to be comfortable `` car battery was dealer... Outback 4CYL 2.5L 2005 2006 sure to turn off with a delay followed by large! Engine computer, engine knock or ping, oil leaks Subaru navigation system gives... Window deflectors our 2017 Forester 2.0 noise when turning two days when the tire pressure was it! When moving from a complete stop Sirius said it was n't providing cool air or hot air other 4. Had our car of buying the car passenger is in use s hooked to a cell. The COVID 19 has prevented me from multiple of their new Subarus believe had to pay a 950... Outback and the condenser which dealer had Subaru cover under warranty a unusual.

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